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Fundraising Products

Although our Carved Egg shell products are a part of our normal fundraising line, we will occasionally rotate various designs and stands selection to add variety for your FUNdraising needs.

Organizations will receive 30% of total sales prior to Tax and Shipping for your Carved Egg Shell Line.

To give an alternate to our normal fundraising line we also offer a High Quality Jewelry Line.

Organizations will receive 20% of total sales prior to Tax and Shipping on our Jewelry Line.

**Egg Shells are hand carved at the time of order.

Carved Egg Shells are available as:

Hanging Ornament with or without a tassel


Mounted on one of the following stands:

Princess Ann - Available in Gold-Tone or Pewter

Leaf - Available in Gold-Tone or Pewter

Stands may vary slightly from those in photographs

We have found that limiting the selection allows for easier ordering processing.  

Stand Choices

Butterfly Stand

Available in

Gold Tone Shown and Pewter Finish

Princess Ann Stand

Available in

Pewter Finish Shown 

and Gold Tone

Leaf Motif Stand

Available in

Gold Tone Shown

and Pewter Finish

3 strand Tassel 

No Beads

Maybe Added to 

Hanging style 

Carved Shell Selection

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